• Eco-cottages from $199,950
    150 ft waterfront. Financing Available. Eco-cottages from $199,950
  • Rated in the top 10 Canoeing Rivers in Canada
    Rated in the top 10 Canoeing Rivers in Canada

A private relationship with the river

Looking for an affordable eco-cottage on a pristine river in Nova Scotia? St. Mary's Riverside is 16 kms from Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, Canada and 2.5 hours from Halifax.

One mile of pristine waterfront has been divided into 23 outstanding cottage sites. Logged over approximately 25 years ago - the hardwood re-growth is now approaching 30 feet high. Perfect time for thoughtful thinning to create your perfect hardwood, riverside forest now on its way to maturity.

Packages from $199,950

spec cottage plans180We have designed an affordable and functional cottage to accommodate your comfort and the wilderness.


2+ acre lots for under $400/month

  • 8 river access lots are priced at $9250 per acre
  • Sign up before November 15, 2012 - we pay the HST!